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Carlson Produce Consulting, LLC helps its clients build high performance programs within produce supply chains. CPC, LLC offers a range of services in order to deliver superior results for its clients, including but not limited to: 


Building Value Creation

For Retailers and Food Service Providers alike, CPC, LLC works to produce value creation for its clients, designed to deliver compelling economic returns and growth.


Strategic Planning

Working with growers, retailers and foodservice providers, CPC, LLC creates strategic planning processes which help its clients plan for and achieve future success.


Marketing Expertise

In conjunction with business development initiatives, CPC, LLC helps its clients develop both short and long-term marketing plans including extensive market research and advertising programs.


Business Development

Leveraging an extensive network of contacts, CPC, LLC helps its clients launch new and innovative products into the market place.


Brand Development

Helping differentiate your brand insures a fruitful future. CPC, LLC works closely with its clients in order to develop their unique brand and make it relevant within the marketplace.



The produce industry is dynamic and evolving. CPC, LLC understands this challenge and is ready to deliver strategic solutions to improve supply chain, sourcing issues and more. 

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